The cost for this program is either $8,150 with housing included (before scholarships). The housing provided is in Tel Aviv and all baseball coaching, uniforms, transportation to and from games and events, cultural and language programs, and more are also included. Scholarships are available through Masa Israel that will help lower the cost of the program for participants.

Masa Israel will help participants get cost effective airfare if they wish.  However, it is excluded from the program cost estimates that follow.

There are numerous grants available for participants:

The grants are as follows:

  • Masa Israel Program Grant – For ages 21 and over, $3,000. For all others, $500.
  • Needs-based Grant (determined by Masa Israel) – For ages 21 and over, $1,500.  For all others, $2,000.
  • Skills-based Grant (determined by the IAB)- For a high school athlete, $1,000, for a college athlete, $2,000, and for a pro athlete, $4,400.

The award of any grants requires the approval of the program’s manager.  If you are interested in the program please submit your application or call us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.